Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello Again,

I have been so busy the last few months, I haven't posted here. It looks like people have been visiting, so thank you and welcome to my blog.

The last few months have been interesting.  I have started a Masters degree in teaching, applied for Florida teaching certification, my part time jobs have ended, and I am moving to Michigan.  My father passed away and I am moving up to be with my mother.  I think last time I posted I talked about everything being dismantled and having to start again.  This whole year has been like that, but by the Grace of God, that phase is coming to an end...

I haven't been working on my etsy site, Peacock Feathers on Facebook, or the CDAC group.  Things have just been to up in the air.  Ariel and I did work on the fall collection of Peacock Feathers digital stamps though.  So I am going to post one here for you.

I hope all you crafters are still being creative.  God Bless you all, and thanks for visiting and joining the blog.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Things have been out of focus for the last 10 months.  I was following God single mindedly, believed I was on track, though the path was hard.  And then everything got dismantled and I had to find out where I was from there.

I knew that the most important thing was to still follow on the path with God I had started 8 years ago, seeking him and being consumed with loving him and being in his presence.  But I was confronted with having to work and all the busy-ness that created.

I'm still there, working 7 days a week and struggling with finances.  But the multiple choice questions of what I should be doing with my time have been closing up, and narrowing down.  And God seems to be bringing me to the place he has had prepared for me all along.

There are a lot of streams of God.  There are a lot of levels a person can know him at.  I was used to a deep stream that no one else seems to be aware but me.  And so how could anyone give me advice, when nobody knew what I was doing or where I was trying to go?

But I seem to have found a place that is on the same track as me.  I seem to be in their stream.  Thank God, all the babble of many voices was hard to deal with.  And I know it was confusing for the people I was asking for prayer from.  And God bless my daughter who has had to watch and listen to me trying to figure out what I was doing and where I was at.

God had been using the number three with me.  My drawings for the last eight or ten months have been of three flowers.  They have gotten more elaborate as the time went on.  I have drawn them in different settings and at different angles.  I know the drawings are about what he is doing in my life.  Three is for Deity, but whether it means he's doing three separate things, or it is all just his work I'm still not sure. 

I am just glad he is always there, talking to me and caring for me and having plans for my life.
Thank you God.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wow, it's the end of the month and I'm just now getting the Peacock Feathers cards up!  So many things have happened this month.  My daughter Ariel is home for the summer from Central Bible College, where she is studying World Missions.  She has been helping me scan and edit my drawings for the Summer and Fall collection on Peacock Feather's Store.  She has been such a big help!

Here are all the beautiful cards using my Sunflower digital stamp from the CDAC Peacock Feathers Group.  Everyone did such a beautiful job with this challenge.  The cards just keep getting better and better.

Charlene did three beautiful designs.  Every month her work improves as she gets more experience with her new printer and with card making.  She's a great asset to our group. I especially love the ones with the curliques, they are my favourite.

Here is a card from one of our new members, Lady Anne.  She has posted it on her blog as well at Cards by Lady Anne. Her background paper and special pin make it very distinctive!

And these cards from our new members. Here is a card by Heather. She has embelished it with glitter and pearl drops.  I like that she used pink and gold.  It is beautifully done!

This one is by Jaqueline.  Is that a velvet background design?  And I love ribbon art flowers.  I think this card is just stunning!

You all are just outdoing yourselves every month.  It is great to work with you.  I can't wait to see what your next designs are with this July's Flowers and Fruit. God bless you all!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm posting the beautiful cards made by the CDAC Peacock Feathers Group.  These were made for the Mother's Day Challenge and the colors are beautiful.

Here is Charlene's card.  I think the greens and purples look great together, and I like the way the lamp stands out from the back of the card.  The glitter is a great touch!

Elinor did a great job shading the hair in hers, and look at the hand stitching!

We have a new challenge up for summer, and the Peacock Feathers store on Etsy has a new set of digital stamps with summer themes.  More stamps are being added every day, so come by and visit.  Send your friends to join the Crafter's Digital group where we have a new challenge every month.

I hope you are having a great summer, and you get some beach time!
God Bless,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This year has been a year of transitions.  I started working again in graphic design, and I started applications to go back to school.  I've moved twice in the last 6 months, and now one job is ending and I'm wondering what the next job will be.

I keep asking God where I am going, but he only shows me what to do one day at a time.  I like the open endedness of the process, but I am still overcoming the anxiety.  It's a nonsensical anxiety, because I know God knows the end even before the process began, and I know he is always taking care of me.  In fact, he always makes sure I am well taken care of, not just a little.

So the process is in me, learning to give up the thinking and the control.  It's funny because I thought I had learned that at one time, but now, in new circumstances I have to learn the same lesson again.  I want so much to be able to live in that frame of mind.

So here is my picture of where I am.  I think it comes from the many verses in the Bible that say "Our God is a consuming fire."  It is God's burning Son, the one how purifies us by fire, and it is a wonderful process, and enjoyable if you can give yourself to the process and not the life situations.  It's a process of being purified in the fire like gold, seven times, and as long as my goal is to become more like him and not to be a great earthly success it is glorious.

This image is in the etsy store also, but I am putting it up for free for a month here.

Blessings,  Ann

This stamp is now available at the store only

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hi!  I want to share all the beautiful Easter Cards the Peacock Feathers Group made on CDAC.  They did a beautiful job of choosing colors, coloring, and designing their cards.  My favorite is made by Elenor.  She used my favorite colors and I love the white lillies.  But I have to say that I love the yellow in the other cards as well. And I love it when Jesus is the focus of Easter instead of eggs and bunnies, as cute as they can be.  Thank you Annette for highlighting the resurrection!

Thank you ALL so much for sharing your work.  Each one is beautiful.  I was moving this last week so it has taken me some time to get back to blogging, after packing, moving, and unpacking.

Congratulations to Charlene for joining and figuring out her new printer and making a beautiful card, as well as figuring out how to post on CDAC!  It can be a challenge learning all the technical ins and outs.

I invite all the blog visitors to come join our group.  It's new and is getting better every month!  Next month I'm going to choose a Mother's Day theme.  I have some digital stamps up on the Peacock Feathers Store already, so go take a look!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I want to post the cards from the Peacock Feathers Group on Crafters Digital.  They did such a good job, and they are all so different from each other.  The challenge is still going on and the winning favorite will get to choose a digital stamp from my Peacock Feathers store.

I you know someone that is interested in participating please send them to the Crafters Digital site to sign up!  We are getting more members, so that makes for a lot of variety.

Thank you to all those who have joined and have emailed me for the digis.  I love to see what you make!

This one is by Elenor Sandstom and says, "Heartfelt Congratulations" in Swedish!

This is a Happy Birthday with Spot, just right for a little boy!  It's made by Stacey.

And Lawren made this beautiful card for last months discussion.
Thank you to all of you!
Stay tuned for more crafts and digis for this Spring and Easter season.
Blessings, Ann